how to join
To join savannahga your journal name must be some version of the character's name. We request that you have a biography post containing the character’s name, date of birth, sexuality, occupation and information about their history and personality. The personality and history can be either paragraph form or bullet form. If using bullets these need to be detailed for both the personality AND history. We need to get a good feeling of who your character is and where they came from. We also want an OOC contact post (can be same as your bio page) - if this is friends locked make sure you friend the mod journal. An IC contact post for spam/texts is not required but is always fun!

the cardinal rule
No IC/OOC line crossing. There are going to be characters and players that don’t mesh well with one another. Do not take personal feelings out on characters or character feelings out on the player. That’s all we ask. If you have any issues that cannot be handled personally, please take them to the moderator.

activity and hiatus
We want the community to be active! We are asking for two posts per month, whether that be a narrative, thread, Instagram, playlist, Twitter, etc. Also, commenting to posts and replying to comments left for you will be required and checked. The best way to get to know each other is to play! We aren't asking you to reply to every single post that exists, just make an effort to talk to people within the journals.

Once you have been accepted you have 3 days to introduce your character in savannah_ic.

Running the friends page once a week is required. Make sure your friends are visible so this can be checked.

If you need a hiatus, please leave a comment in the dropbox. We all have things that come up on occasion and we will accommodate you as best as we possibly can.

LIMIT: To start, three characters per person is the limit. If your characters are active we will consider more for the player on a case-by-case basis. There is no maximum at this time. If your characters are active (this means more than just the base level of activity required to stay in the game), we are more than willing to let you have as many as you can handle.

FAUX CELEB: Faux celebrity characters will be allowed, but the moderators have the right to limit/change this at any time.

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